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This mirror shows how important looking good was to the ancient Egyptians. It also shows how much work goes into something as simple as a mirror, judging by the craftsmanship of the handle.
This ritual knife was used to slaughter animals as a sacrifice for the gods. The Pharaoh would kill a bull for Amen-Re every morning.
Ramesses IV was a Pharaoh, and like every other king of Egypt, he also had to wear a ton of jewelery, including this ring.
This statue is of the goddess, Isis, holding her son and future king of the gods, Horus. The Egyptians thought that Isis was especially important because her lap was "The First Throne Horus Sat On."
This was a pot that was used to hold kohl, ancient- Egyptian makeup- that is much like modern day eyeliner.
This is a statuette of Ma'at, order. The Pharaoh had to sacrifice an animal to Amen-Re so his kingdom would stay in Ma'at and not fall into Isfet, chaos. Order was important to the Egyptians.
This is only a piece of a picture that was once in an Egyptian tomb. Tomb paintings usually depict the deceased person's life and things that they will need in the afterlife.
This is a sculpture of Osiris, the king of the underworld and ex-king of the gods. When he was killed by his brother Seth, he became the ruler of the dead.
This is a scarab that bears an inscription of a spell, asking that (essentially) when the heart is weighed in the afterlife, it is lighter than the feather of truth and the owner is not condemned.
This is the bottom of a sarcophagus. It is covered in hieroglyphs that are likely meant to help the dead in the afterlife.
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