Urban art

Urban art ranges from anything from street art to art that means something to somebody. Urban art can bring a meaning of something to a random idea. 

The artist of this piece is named Fred le Chevalier. His artwork is deeply emotional yet semi-ambiguous. Almost all of his artworks are black and white, with small red and sometimes green splashes. These pieces of art can be found all over Paris. His inspirations are varieties of Greek mythology and Japanese art.
This large mural that was created by C125, located in Vitry-sure-Scene. Vitry-sure-Scene is the artist's neighborhood and main area of work. The actual location of the artwork is at Boulevard de Stalingrad, Paris. At the bottom of the artwork, there is a wave of elements, which was added by Pantonio.
This piece of art was created to symbolize the digital technology of this age. People of our generation are always "connected", so they don't fall behind in anything to important. Our age uses the digital technology for everything and if we didnt have it we wouldn't shall we say be "connected". This piece of artwork was created by Carolin Eitel.
This piece was created by Andi Meier. Its an illustration to represent that you can bring any idea you have to life. A non-profit association named "DingFabrik" was an open workshop that would let people come together to use tools and ideas to bring their ideas and dreams to life.
Credits: All media
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