MCA 5 Impressionism

"Every age projects its own image in the arts". The artistic periods of Impressionism and Post Impressionism occurred during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These periods were inspired by the drastic social changes occurring, which is well reflected in the art. Impressionism was characterized by the focus of feeling, the experimentation with light and color, and especially the breaking away of classical artistic scenes. Post Impressionism was more characterized by its dream like landscapes and focus on the wild imagination.

This painting by Monet shows a haystack in what appears to be the midday light. The Impressionist characteristics of this painting are the focus on light and color. Monet experiments with light and shadow in this work, and does something a bit unusual and adds a blue tint to the shadow, rather than the original black. There also is not an extraordinary amount of detail in this painting, but a clam peaceful feel is achieved through the large brush strokes. Monet also, choosing a scene that was painted outside, which was made possible through the use of the newly invented paint tubes.
This painting by Monet shows the front face of the Rouen Cathedral in Northern France. Monet, again, experiments with the light of morning and implements that blue tint to the cathedral's shadow. It is also worthy to note the faint details and the beautiful pious feel.
This third painting by Monet shows the London Parliament building in an early foggy morning. The impressionist characteristics in this painting are most notably the, the foggy effect and also the the experimentation of the light and color bouncing off the fog. The scene is what seems to be in a very early morning when the sun is still orange, but the fog hangs around. Monet also does not put an incredible amount of detail into Parliament, but one can clearing make out what the building is.
This famous painting by Van Gogh shows a cute little town under an extraordinary night sky. This piece displays the post impressionist characteristics of its dream like scene and its deep physiological elements. This painting also shows some impressionist techniques such as its large brush strokes and its lightly touched, but not overwhelming detail.
This second painting by Van Gogh shows what appears to be a farm on a rainy day. This what could gloomy scene is somewhat lightened up by the roads and crop fields. The post impressionists characteristics of this painting are the deep feelings behind this scene as to where you are, what is there to do when it rains? But also Vincent shows come impressionist technique with the limited attention to detail.
This final painting by Van Gogh shows a small scene of Iris plants. This painting shows the post impressionist dream like value. The color of the plants and how they curve makes the scene feel very imaginary and gives a deep look into what Vincent was thinking when he was painting this. The impressionist values of this painting mainly lye solely in the bright drastic color of the scene.
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