The Beauty of Mother Earth

I chose to showcase the perspective of our planet because most people do not realize how beautiful our planet is.

This image is layered with beautiful mountains in the background while focusing on the single tree in the foreground.
This perspective is from a high view, while overseeing the vast juggle.
This image highlights the mountain in the background with the darker colors surrounding it.
Whether or not this is a sunset or a sunrise, it shows the many beautiful colors of nature.
A rainy weather may not always be the best weather, but this image truly captures it in a positive way.
Our wonderful nature mixed with the sunlight will create a beautiful rainbow.
The perspective here if of glorious mountains while also showing a rainbow.
Although it is dark and not much can be seen at night, the moon can light up the sky and the river.
An image that captures the gorgeous view of a sunrise.
The image shows two sides to nature. One side being calm and peaceful while the other being vicious and destructive.
This image can be interpreted as a bond between nature and human.
The beautiful white snow covering this image is to enhance the colored flower design on the chair.
This image has a very calm feel to it. The water can be see untouched and without ripples.
The winter theme here shows a rather darker side of nature.
The nature of clouds as it changes from day time to night time has a very different feel. The clouds at night can be seen somewhat transparent since it is being lit by the moonlight.