Trees and nature

I like it a lot; the petals have so much description same with the lake, branches, grass and the red building. It was painted in oil on canvas like most famous pieces, and that makes it more effective than some other art.
That tree must be lonely. The sky is amazing and those mountains are cool. The details in this are very clear. It is one of my favourite paintings.
The grass is realistic and very detailed. I chose this because it's very green and it's very appropriate in my gallery. It looks like a spring landscape.
That is so detailed with that outstanding river. It has lovely trees all along the beautiful river. The mountains look really far away. I love it because it would be cool and relaxing here.
I chose this because if you look closely it looks like there is wind gently blowing the trees,. This gives an awesome effect. I like the colours of the trees and the red building really stands out in the background. I feel ok when I look at this painting.
The colours in this picture are all the same tone, and the pansies look like little mini faces. I like it because it is a portrait and it looks wavy like it's going in different directions.
I like the detailed reflection of the trees in this painting. I think it would be autumn from the colours in the painting.
The flowers are really pretty and realistic and the picture actually looks like a photo. I chose it because it looks like a portrait of a flower.
I chose this one for the beautiful scenery you can see in the background and how the trees look. The trees do look really old and very realistic.
The painting looks old and the trees look unusual. The colours make them look different to our trees. I like it but it makes me feel sad because of the colours and what the background looks like.
It makes me feel scared to look at this volcano erupting. The colours and the shadows are very detailed and really great. It is amazing what nature can do. I really like this painting.
First of all this looks pretty old, and if I were there alone I would feel lonely there. It looks unvisited like people don't go there much. It is different and the colours aren't very bright but it still looks very good.
I chose this painting because of all the bright green nature around the girl. It makes me feel a bit confused about what the girl is doing lying in the stream, if she's dead or not. It is detailed and clear and beautiful to look at.
This painting is very hard to see details in. It looks like smudged different colours. I chose it because it is interesting that there is no green in this painting.
They look like really poor people who are having a campfire . They have a wagon and it looks like they are wondering where to go. I like it because it tells a story about a vagrant adventure.
I chose it because it is very detailed and it makes me feel like I can relax. There is lots of water in it which is really natural and it makes it look very interesting.
It looks very dry and hot in this painting, and the landscape and trees look ancient. I chose it because it fit with my theme - I don't really think much else about it..
I don't like this painting, it looks very crowded with the trees all close together. The leaves all on the ground and not on the trees seems spooky . I feel like the painting just doesn't look right.
This painting has lovely colours and I chose it because it looks interesting. It looks a bit like the wind is blowing the trees , but it also looks kind of deserted.
It is very detailed and I love the colours . The mountains and rocks look like lots of crystals and minerals. I think its pretty scary and those people had better run from the avalanche.
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