Women in the Renaissance

This gallery shows the importance and more common presence of women and their coming about in art during the Renaissance. These various works of art show how women became more prominent and relevant during the art revolution. Women played a big role in the Renaissance. Organized by date, the progression of these paintings show how the style and presence of women in art progressed throughout the Renaissance era.

This painting shows some of the first Religious scenes with multiple women in the painting, and demonstrates how the use of femininity became popular, especially within religious works . Filippo Lippi was an Italian Monk, who also painted "Madonna and Child". Lippi's use of women in his painting show how even extremely traditional religious groups began to broaden new horizons.
This painting shows the use of nature in backgrounds, and how women became a sign of beauty, and importance. This painting , illustrating the birth of Venus, also shows how women became influential , and could more often be found holding positions of power. Botticelli, an Italian artist, was at the time known for his religious paintings, however, his most famous paintings today are centered around mythological creatures , gods, and goddesses. His depiction of The Birth of Venus gave way to a whole new perspective of beauty.
This picture portrays the head of a woman, which eventually led to become the sketch for the painting known today as "Leda and the Swan" . Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian painter and a genius when it came to science, however he is best known for two paintings, the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. This sketch became known for it's depiction of casualness and relaxed effect.
This painting depicts the 'Holy Family' , and is known to be the only finished panel painting done by Michelangelo. It is known for it's 'Tondo' frame, which was commonly used during the Renaissance. This picture shows the mother idolizing her child, and how many painters during this time were not afraid to portray women in a casual or laid back light.
This painting shows the evolution of a very famous and common subject depicted in many ways. Beginning with the militaristic, and stiff version done in the Italo-Byzantine style, and eventually evolving into a much more realistic depiction of a virgin and her child. We can also see hinting at nature depictions in the background. Bellini challenged previous methods of painting bringing a new degree of realism, a new wealth of subject matter, and a new sensuousness in form and color.
This painting of a woman shows the grace was brought to the idea of women, and how casualty and sensuality began playing roles in the defining of beauty during the Renaissance period. Tiziano received early training from prominent Venetian painters including both Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, and absorbed much about color and technique from his affiliation with Giorgione. Because of Tiziano's famous mentors, his paintings quickly struck publicity, and greatly influenced the changed brought by the Renaissance.
This altarpiece shows how women were not painted in religious painting in ways they had not been before, and not came with more power and prominence. Fiorentino was an Italian painter and decorator, an exponent of the expressive style that is often called early, or Florentine, Mannerism, and one of the founders of the Fontainebleau school.
This painting od Mary and her child show the continuation of religious views, but how they became shown in different fashions. Tintoretto's work was characterized by its muscular figures, dramatic gestures and bold use of perspective in the Mannerist style, while maintaining color and light. His contributions to the religious paintings during the Renaissance greatly influenced the way people worshiped and how the bibe was visualized, and provided a new and fresh view of women in the bible.
This portrait of Queen Elizabeth portrays the ability for women to obtain high power ruling positions. It also portrays the riches and wealth that circulated the Royal Family. Hilliard executed miniature portraits of Queen Elizabeth I and her courtiers, set in jeweled lockets, that are the most original and characteristic pictures painted in England in the late 16th century.
This painting shows a perfect mix of Renaissance influences, it shows the natural surroundings, as well as the casualness, and sincerity from this time, and the role of women id present in this painting, in ways that women would not have been present before. They are shown reclining and talking amongst themselves as well as with the men in this scene, showing the now broadening of social horizons. liver was a worthy follower of Hilliard as miniature painter to Elizabeth's court, which no doubt allowed many of his painting to pick up much popularity.
This painting shows a woman of high power, however in stead of a very typical portrait, we see that Saint Catherine is depicted reclining and holding weaponry, perhaps as a sign or dominance or high regard. Caravaggio's paintings, combine a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lighting. Self-taught, Caravaggio's paintings were very reflective of the innovative time period, and helped introduce the role of women into the frontier of art.
This portrait of a couple hints at the use of relaxation in order to create a more relatable side or artwork. This painting seems very interesting due to the ease and casualness of the two subject in the picture, and shows a couple in a light that would have previously been overlooked. Frans's pictures illustrated the various elements of society: banquets or meetings of officers, local councilmen from mayors to clerks, singers, gentlefolk, fishwives and tavern heroes. His paintings served a new way to portray the common everyday people and give the people of the Renaissance a face.
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