majestic horses

for my exhibition I have chosen a horse theme. personally I have a strong love for horses, which is fortunate because there are so many wonderful  artworks of horses for different time periods in a large range of artistic styles. the artwork I chose relate to the theme because there are horses in every frame that I have used in my exhibition. to make my exhibition more inserting I have set my frames in a way that's inserting, eye catching, and engaging to the audience. I have selected  different types of frames so that they are not all the same. the artworks that are displayed in my exhibition all have different types of meaning. each artwork depicts a horse and horses with the use of different types of colours, tones and shades. the artist of the pieces I have chosen  have used a range of different materials to create their artworks.

this art work is postmodern
this is cultural
Horse frightened by lightening horse frightened by lightening was painted by Eugene Delacroix in the 1820's. the materials Eugene used were watercolours, lead white on paper. The artwork depicts a scared horse surrounded by the lightning and is distressed. There is no focal point to this painting causing the eye to keep moving. This creates a feeling of confusion and chaos for the viewer. To me the lack of a focal point in this artwork combined with the dark background makes it feel full of action, movement, and emotion depicting fear.
this is structural
this is subjective
the horse in the cage the horse in the cage was painted in 1997 by Xu Lei. The materials xu used were ink and colour on paper. this artwork shows a little white horse trapped in a cage with a brid on top of the cage looking down at the horse. the background is a stage with a curtain. the colours that xu has used are dark grey gloomy colours. the use of the colours grey in vavious shades creates a sad depressive feeling about the painting. the cage represents the horse being tapped. the bird is looking down and judging the horse.
Credits: All media
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