A little piece of history with each Sculpture-clare 209-01 summer 1

Scripture is all about the visual arts and appealing to the eyes, I chose the sculptures in this Gallery because they appealed to my visually. -Alexandria Frutchey

Hunting dog., Unknown, Around 520 BC, From the collection of: Acropolis Museum
Sculpture has the most mass, but it also touches my heart because you can see the dogs ribs and there is not a back foot. Seems to be an old piece, and author is unknown.
Glass beads, From the collection of: Hubei Provincial Museum
The glass beads are very small, and very colorful. They look like they could be used for jewelry, or just for decoration. Can be noted as sensory because of the color and design. Author unknown.
Vase, Arnold Krog, 1889 - 1889, From the collection of: The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE
Simple vase with a flower and stem. Could be used for holding flowers, or other like items. I'm not sure why the year is from 1889-1889.
Chocolate jug, Unknown, c.1770 - 1780, From the collection of: The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE
This was a no brainer because I'm a huge fan of chocolate! It is interesting as to why there is a stick from one side. I understand the place to pour the chocolate out of. Simple/some color.
Gold Hat Ornament with Inlaid Gems and Openwork White Jade Cloud and Dragon Motif, From the collection of: Hubei Provincial Museum
Very weird sculpture. Has some color at the bottom. I want to know the meaning behind this, and where there are tangled things at the top.
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