Rainbow requiem!

A combination of different pieces, with color used in many different ways.

i found this this piece of art interesting because it used many iconic characters in colors that contrast well with each other, to show off each
Im a fan of the ocean so i really love pieces that depict the ocean in beautful ways
i find it amazing how they used colors to make this artwork pop out from the train's side
This piece of artwork is a mix of colorful shapes that are contested from one another by there different colors
This piece uses color in a simple yet unique way in how it forms its shapes.
This work uses shapes and color to make a train. i like how everything is made from simple shapes and how some of them have a #D design using shading.
i love japanese anime and their artwork is based on solid colors like this piece most of the time.
This one is different from the last. It uses soft colors to show more shading.
I liked the land scape of this piece, and the totems.
This piece is a sunset made of different shades of yellow and colors that are made by mixing yellow. I found that very cool.
There are many different shades of green used to depict this plant, and the shading on the leaves is done very well.
many different bright colors are used in this piece of art so it quickly drew my eye.
The paint stokes on this piece are one of its main features.
This composition does not uses clean lines but the messy lines add to it.
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