Street art 

In my art gallery I chose the theme of graffiti, also known as street art, and selected nine examples. Graffiti catches the eye in a way to make you stop and think, " How did they do that?! ". Most of  graffiti can be found  on the walls (inside and out), and on trains and subways.  There are different types and styles of graffiti as well. There are picture graffitis and lettering graffiti known as chrome. They tell many stories and also requires a lot of talent to produce such a great work of art. The colors are vibrant, the designs are outrages, and the dimension the artist adds to the art causing you to turn you head and just admire it.  Turning a flat surface into something that pops out at you is mind boggling. 

Chrome by ZENOR, ZENOR, 2012, From the collection of: GRAFFITI GENERAL
This is an example of the lettering mostly used when tagging the walls or trains. It is very unique and sometimes not very legible unless you pick apart each letter.
Tunnel Head, the street artist known as SKEEZR, From the collection of: South Austin Popular Culture Center
The way the sewage pipe is utilized with the painting makes it stand out from its surroundings. Also the heavy black outlines around the white and silver really make the picture pop
5.21.09, Cortes, Phetus and Meres One, 2009-05-21, From the collection of: Street Art NYC
This collage is eye catching because the use of the known cereal brands and the mob of alien creatures. The colors are vibrant and the characters have great dimension.
8.12.08, Kezam, 2008-08-12, From the collection of: Street Art NYC
The bright colors on top of the black make this work hard to miss! Although it may take a second to comprehend the message, the layout of it has great dimension causing the 3D effect.
JFK with light bulbs, street artist ER, From the collection of: South Austin Popular Culture Center
It seems as if the artist is trying to give us a message about how powerful and bright our minds are. The eye on the hand can represent unleashing the third eye that posses many powers.
Lash, street art in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires (2010), LASH, From the collection of: Buenos Aires Graffiti
This is eye catching because of the swirls flowing from the head. It could represent our thoughts. The pink face with the blended hair colors also stop someone causing them to take a second look.
Smiling Lizard and Neighboring Owl, unknown street artists, From the collection of: South Austin Popular Culture Center
The three pictures that standout apart from its soundings are very bright and the design of it is more cartoonish than realistic causing it to stand out more.
7.22.13, Demer, Rain and Kasso, 2013-07-22, From the collection of: Street Art NYC
The complicated lettering around the face attracts the attention because you are trying to make out what the letters are. The woman's face stands out as well against the dullness and bright green.
5.30.11, Meres One, 2011-05-30, From the collection of: Street Art NYC
Batman and joker would catch anyones eye. The joker is what really stands out. The dimension added to make his face looked turned with a big pearly grin is impressive.
Credits: All media
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