War of art

There are many themes that people cover, though war is a subject covered very little. It can tell what it is like to be in combat a way that words cannot explain properly.   It express though vision what is felt in war.  Using this project I will try and show the viewer the stages of the mind of a military personal in war.

The Soldier of the Great Patriotic War. The series "Soldiers", Karamzin Vladimir Semenovitch, 1967/1967, From the collection of: The National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Here we have the prewar idea we have of a person in the military. Valor, Courageous, and Honorable.
A man, Hilda Rix Nicholas, 1921, From the collection of: Australian War Memorial
Next we have the new soldier, the fresh meat. Yet to see combat he is stands proud.
Return of the Meteor jets, Kimpo, Korea, Ivor Hele (1912–1993), Second World War official war artist, served AIF Korean War official war artist, 1953, From the collection of: Australian War Memorial
Now you see the men atmosphere of starting a mission. Excitement, all the hussle and bussle of getting ready to go to war unaware of what is to come.
Captain S, after Afghanistan 2012, Ben Quilty (b.1974), Afghanistan official war artist 2011, 2012, From the collection of: Australian War Memorial
Next we see though the eyes of a young man who sees his comrades dead and mutilated body. Life is no longer real for us. Life is forever changed.
Gassed and Wounded, Kennington, Eric Henri (RA), 1918, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
Finally we have to post war man, we are no longer complete humans. We are shadows of who or what we where.
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