Colour of Hue

The Art pieces in this Gallery that I have chosen shows colour at It's finest. The Colour In these pieces truly make the piece Pop and brings uniqueness to the Art Pieces.

The Piece here shows it's Colour well by separating them with white and making them pop on there own using the different shades of the color
The blue colour captured in the picture truly makes the photo pop out as refreshing and cool as water may be.
Most of the Colours in the this Painting pop out at you throughout the green and dark background.
This piece is different, the color and facial color and expression brings out the pink in her cheeks because of the brownish background colour.
Between most of the grass, multiple colours are used not just to address the field itself but, in the distance as well.
Bright Backgrounds make this painting pop. Her dress is also brightly coloured as well. Making this Art piece an attention grabber.
The colours in the Art piece are quite wide ranging from green to shades of purple in the smoke like clouds which makes them all bend quite well together.
The cool blue in the background trees make the yellow and red leaves of the trees in the front of piece pop out.
Most of the orange, red, and yellows really capture the feeling of autumn in the Art piece.
The colours in the piece range quite widely from white to red and green. The white in the picture feels calming for the colours shown.
The clearness of the glass is broken by the red and blue inside of it. It's quite awesome to look at.
The brown around the colours shown look like a country around it and the red and bright colours in the piece looks as if it the center of attention or where all the energy is coming from
The colours in the berries are quite cool and refreshing to look at considering there are no colors that are bright enough to pop and catch your attention quickly enough
The colors in the sky and in the ocean truly makes the sunset really look like it's setting with it being dark around edges as if nightfall was coming.
The colours bend into each other well. You can feel the darkness around the edges making the sunset.
Credits: All media
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