Google art project

I have not given or received unauthorized aid on this work-Saul S.

This picture has a variety lines. t has implied lines, thick lines, thin, lines, and it has horizontal lines.
This piece has a geometric shape which is the circle that has a hole in it. it also has a little knob at the top with a half ring connecting it to the base of the object
This sculpture shows from because you can see the 3-D blocks stacked on top of each other ans you can also see the 3-D semi-circle on the top of the pile
This picture shows value because the land is white and the space is dark thus creating a diiference in value
This cars texture appears to be kinda prickly or hairy. the cars metal features seem to be smoove and shiny
This painting has a variety of colors. It has both warm and cool colors. The colors give off a vibrant and excited feeling
This pictures space is primarily dominated by thick lines throughout the piece. Around the border of the picture there is a lot of negative space
Credits: All media
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