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Music is the genre, and has evolved through time periods and branched out into many different sub genres. This theme is just a look back at the culture and maturity we've embraced from music. From the clothes we wear, to the facial expressions we make it's all because of music.

Billboard ad for a radio broadcast in louisville.
Was an accountant, bank president, and Atlanta University Professor and bought WERD for $50,000 in 1949. He first began his studies at Chicago University in business administrations. In 1928 he became the first black Public Accountant in the State Of Georgia and was later hired as a professor of accounting at Morehouse College.
A.K.A. John Christian, not to be confused with the English poet, was once formally known as the godfather of soul for the black audiences in Pittsburgh. He received the name "Sir Walter Raleigh" by time magazine because of his deep and cultured pipes.
Ex-Marine corps in World War II, landed his first job working for WERD. For his experience at WERD he was highly recognized and sought out after by numerous broadcasting stations. He would later climb the ranks of the radio corporate ladder and would arrive in Baltimore in the sixties, to work for a station called WITH.
Here is a picture of Jack Gibson and Herb Gershaw performing at "The Lunch Call Maniacs". On the left is Jack Gibson playing the guitar and to the right Herb Gershaw, playing the kazoo. As you can see both men are dressed in costume and are getting ready for their performance.
Was one of Americas first black disc jockeys who helped popularize what we know today as urban radio. Jockey Jack or Jack "The Rapper" was responsible for delivering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's voice, for the first time, over the radio.
Just a picture of a WERD party doll leaning over a turntable. Yikes!
The news name back in the late 50s and early 60s. Also the time period of the start of news on black radio.
This picture is a close up of the 1960s WERD theater advertisement.
Here's a picture of WERD radio station located in Atlanta, Georgia. This radio station was the first to be under black ownership and to be operated by African Americans. The station was founded in 1949 which hosted the famous DJ "Jockey" Jack Gibson and would soon become popular.
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