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"Every age projects its own images into its art." Impressionism and post Impressionism have both similarities and differences. Both artistic movements use themes like bright colors, shading, landscapes, thick brushstrokes, and and the technique of painting outdoors (plain air). Both types of art were inspired by the major social changes of the time. 

This painting by Claude Monet is a good example of an Impressionism piece of art. There are many bright colors and some shading. The shading, however, is not black, just a darker color of the item. There is also very little detail, the artist had to paint quickly in order to capture the water and lilies as they really were.
This painting has many bright colors picturing the sunny haystacks, it looks like it is in the early morning. Although, there are thick and uneven brushstrokes, making it so the details are blurry. The shading of the haystacks' shadows are not a black color, but dark greens of the grass around it.
"Sunrise" is a very good example of how artists would paint outdoors and have to rush to paint the scenery. Monet often used the technique of plain air, or painting outdoors. The sunset shows the shadows of the ships very well, all of the shadows are a dark blue, not black. Again there are bright colors, mostly used in the sun. This is one scene where an artist would have to paint very quickly in order to paint the sailing ships.
"The Starry Night" is a very famous painting by Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh used a lot of vivid colors, though they tended to be cool colors, like blues and purple. Post Impressionism art is similar to Impressionism, but is well known for the emotion in the paintings. Van Gogh tended to put more depressing feeling into his art. Post Impressionism also uses the thick brushstrokes and has less details. However, the post Impressionism art seems to be less realistic than the Impressionism period.
This painting is another post Impressionism piece by van Gogh. There are more bright blues, purples, and greens. This painting has a calm and peaceful feeling to it. Van Gogh again used the thick brush strokes, but now there is more detail to the flowers. Unlike Impressionism, post Impressionism does not use the art of light and shadowing like the Impressionism artists did.
This painting again uses the slightly depressing and cool colors. There is also not a lot of shading and shadowing, all of the trees and the house are clear and visible. Everything is almost cartoon like, rather than a real landscape. The scene is set at night and has a peaceful setting to it.
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