This photo shows space because it gets smaller as it goes down to the bottom left corner to show that its further away.
This painting shows space because the mountain is painted smaller than the other mountain making it appear further away.
This photo shows lines through the poles in the building.
This artists work shows lines in the stairs that the person is sitting on.
this artists painting shows texture by blending the colors to make the painting look very smooth.
This painting also shows a very smooth texture with no sharp lines.
This photo is a good example of color because all of the colors in the picture are very bright and happy colors, making someone feel happy when they see it.
This painting is a good example of color because it has dull colors and a blue undertone which makes the man seem sad or down.
this is a good example of form because it shows that this building is taking up space but its on a flat surface.
this is a good example of form because it looks like its three-dimensional but its also on a flat surface.
this photo shows shape because the light patches make lots of different squares and rectangles.
this is a good example of shape because it also shows alot of squares.
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