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I like this painting because the color/flag colors separates the different countries.
Starry Night of course uses a great amount of color, and the sky is alive because of it.
There is a great amount of different colors in this painting, all in which tell a story and tell us that its spanish.
The color brings this picture alive and makes it seem realistic. I thought it was a photo at first.
In this painting I thought that the flags really stood out. The flags to me are the center and the main focus because of the color.
This photo uses realistic coloring, the grass, the water and even the sunset in the background. I though it was another good example of color
his painting i thought was interesting because all the colors on the ground mix together and gave it a cool feel.
This painting is interesting because to me some things are glowing and i don't really know why, but i like how the artist mad it all pop.
The color in this painting is awesome, it looks real because the blue or the wall pops because of the color.
This is another painting that seem real because of the color used. The shadows and the light on the building are amazing.
The color used in this painting takes us to another place, the people in the painting are wearing colorful clothes and that tells us that this is from place probably near a beach or just a place not like America.
The lighting in this painting are amazing. Th was the light is hitting the top of the trees and not the ones near the ground. Again the people are all wearing colorful clothes.
The sky and the water catches my eye in this painting. Laguna is a wonderful artist that makes his painting seem so real.
This is another painting that is alive, the color makes everything pop, and makes it feel like a real picture.
The color tells us that these guys are in the jungle and there is no light and outside the light is hitting the ground and the mountains and this makes it all pop.
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