Discord- NZ

My gallery includes some very interesting pieces. Abstract and different. Some of my favorite pieces are in it. Please refer to the descriptions I have on the side of each paintings. Hope you enjoy as much as I did! :) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I picked this painting because I wanted to show that there can be very extreme abstract paintings out there. With no background information I think this painting is trying to show some humor in it....
This shows maybe a small village escaping their homes because of maybe a different country colonized it.
The name shows I think the oppisite of "symphony". The reason why is because the lines are very abstract. In somewhat, the lines sort of come together. Very abstract!
I like how this painting is very weird, well "er" The graffiti adds some character to the letters.
This painting shows the magestic side of paintings. To me this just feels random, but its cool. Maybe a war was going on.
This to me feels like it was made on a computer. It's bright and different with the odd shapes multiplied . It's cool and confusing, and fun!
This person looks like a grandma. In the painting it shows that she is maybe a fun, adventurous kind of person. She also has a heart like all grandmas have.
This painting is very interesting. I feel like this painting is VERY abstract! It's also fun!
This to me feels like a quilt that a grandma made. With the different patterns and colors, makes this painting cool and discord! It's also very weird that its on a teapot!
"Untitled" is a very interesting name. It's also by "DRAW". This image shows 3 main faces that looks like a collage. I like how this was made with graffiti.