A common way to identify a time period is to take a look at the art it produced. Often enough, the art and architecture created is a direct reflection of the quality of society at that point in history. The Early Renaissance, being a good example of this, took place in the 15th century, mostly in Italy, beginning in Florence. Two active members of this moment in history were Donatello and Botticelli, both artists. Artistic techniques and styles such as chiaroscuro, perspective, bright colors, foreshortening,secularism, and realism, while still showing a tie to the middle ages through early attempts at these styles.

This painting reflects early renaissance values with its attempt at human realism, while still being slightly unrealistic due to leaving the styles of the middle ages.
Donatello, known for his sculpting, shows values pf this time period in this particular sculpture by utilizing three-dimensional aspects to create the flowing cloths that drape around the figures.
This painting uses the technique of perspective, as most evident in the window placed in the back, to make the painting seem more real, as if you were there. The earliness of this renaissance period can be seen in the non-realism of the figures and religious subject.
Again, Donatello uses a three-dimensional medium to convey realism, as if you were present. You can see the early attempt at perspective in the trees in the background.
The period of time is evident in the still unrealistic looking faces but very good attempt at perspective in the architectural elements.
The fact that this art was commissioned for a family shows how valued art was in the early renaissance. Wealthy and important families payed artists to create the art they wanted in order to convey their status to the public.
You can clearly see the attempts at both realism and perspective in this painting indicating the new styles. The subject, along with many of Botticelli's works, is still religious, showing how the artist created his works in the earlier renaissance before secularism was too popular.
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