Things I want to see in Italy

The ancient roman culture has always been fascinating to me. Here are a few pieces of art and architecture that I would love to have the opportunity to see.                     By: Christopher Chamberlain

The Panthenon of Rome was built in 118-125 B.C. This was during the reign of the Roman Empire. The circular dome is dedicated to "all the gods" which is the literal meaning of "Panthenon".
The interior of the Panthenon. This dome is one of the innovations which is based upon the arch principle. The dome has a height and diameter of 144 feet. This picture is and oil on canvas from 1734.
This statue was intended to glorify the emperor and his peaceful reign. It was made in 20 BC and was carved from marble. This statue is said to be idealized and not an actual depiction of the emperor.
The Colosseum was dedicated in 80 CE. The supporting frame was made from concrete but was covered in travertine rock and tufa. This was used as a theater in ancient times.
The arch of Constantine was build in 312-315 CE. It was built after he defeated Maximus. The medallions and artwork placed on these three simple arches were carved during the time of Emperor Hadrian.
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