I chose this picture because it catches my attention
The two birds resembles the white house
This place looks like they would hold meeting or confrences
Its amazing how they took different pictures of body parts to make one big sculpture of a skull
it catches my attention because how the this picture is in black and white and I love how close up the picture is
I like how the shadow of the houses are really shaded it shows that when the sun rises there's different areas that are being shaded cause of the object
This piece of art looks like their having breakfast or lunch on Christmas eve without their dad
This picture looks like hes within a picture
I like how the farm is really detailed and how well you could see the windmills
He looks like a greek god such as ZEUS
This picture looks like this was a currency of money
This painting catches my attention because it looks like Philippines and America are uniting with each other and will support one another.
This painting is one of the most paintings from Vincent van Gogh it represents the night of the day
going back to history this picture was during the great depression
there was a myth about Medusa about if you look in to her eyes you will turn to a statue because Zeus cursed her
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