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Versailles During The French Revolution

During the beginning of the first French Revolution (the second starting with the unsuccessful June Rebellion of 1832) bread, the main staple of the French diet at the time, was unavailable and overpriced.
Because of this, many women became angry. The French royal court had bread aplenty, so the natural choice became to march on Versailles.
And on October 5th, 1789, that is exactly what they did, marching to Versailles with torches and pitchforks in hand.
Marie Antoinette, the queen of France at the time, was completely unaware of the French commoners' situation, when she was told of this she said her famous quote, "If they can't eat bread, let them eat cake."
Marie Antoinette was executed 4 years later, her last words being "I'm so sorry" as she accidentally stepped on her executioner's foot.
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