Using perspective to give the sense of a bigger space 

The use of perspective gives this painting a sense of a long beach
This painting gives the illusion of a big structure
The use of strong perspective makes enhances on the long road, like it never ends.
The different sizes between the people and the structures gives a sense of how big they are.
With the use of perspectives, shadows and colors, you can feel the length of the channel.
A great picture that shows a spacious beach, and movement.
Perfect perspective, the table and the paintings are alined with everything in the room.
A very simple picture that makes you feel the greatness and spacious of this room.
A black and white picture that shows depth in the Reception.
With the use of colors and perspective, the painter shows space.
This picture has a beautiful perspective showing how spacious this place is and how endless the table seems.
Beautiful architecture perspective and colors.
This is an amazing picture, that with perspective makes you feel like you are about to enter the tunel.
This picture shows how big the city was and how small the people seem in it.
An old photograph that with perspective gives the sense of space.
This drawing shows a big space and very small people, you can feel overwhelmed with the sense of space.
This drawing shows big architecture and small boats, you can feel overwhelmed with the sense of space.
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