A period of growth, development, and expression to capture the beauty of the natural world.

A self portrait painted by one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance. At age 50, living in France, he used red chalk to portray himself.
Shows a young prince on a canvas using oil paints. The artist wanted to show the child as self-possessed, because he put a scepter in his hand.
Painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo depicts the creation of the first man, with God barely touching his finger.
On a simple piece of paper, Leonardo da Vinci draws a dramatic flood with ink pen. Storms was one of da Vinci's favorite thing to draw.
This portrait was painted by Raphael for the Pope at that time.
This oil painting is referring to the Bible story in Genesis, "The Tower of Babel"
This wool and silk tapestry refers to the story of Psyche that was woven by the Beauvais tapestry company in the 1730's.
This oil on canvas was painted to understand the geometric shapes and textures of the figures.
This is one of the few portraits of the artist, yet it portrays his artistic style very well.
Three boys are playing a game in which they try to get a ball through the hoop. The lady with wings,is a mythical creature, one of the four temperaments, associated with Saturn,and winter.
This painting shows the famous Saint Jerome. The artist uses lots of detail, including the boat at the harbor and the monks traveling with staffs.
This painting shows Saint Justina surrounded by her persecutors, while she is looking up to heaven in asking for intercession.
The idle play of children was one of Chardin's favorite thing to draw. Inspired by the Dutch genre tradition.
This is a bronze sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci
This painting is by one of the greatest landscape painters of all time, refrencing to a bible story
This is an oil painting done on popular wood, showing a young lady
This painting shows a merchant in his work place.
This is a scene that is refrenced in the book of revelation.
This is a scene from a mythic epic, using feathery brush work and smooth colors
This is a self portrait done with pastels on blue paper
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