Perfectly Imperfect

A collection of symmetrically spirited artwork

Though the author is unknown, their attention to detail is immaculate. Warm colors make me feel 'at home' with the piece and it deserves to be in my gallery because it is almost symmetrical.
Everything about Shaman's Table is symmetrical. That's why it was perfect for my gallery. Even the people representing the wisdom pillars are symmetrical.
This beautiful coat was chosen to be a part of my symmetrically spirited gallery because of it's bright colours and beautiful details.
There is so much beauty in this 'Rotating metal Disk'. Although it is aged, its beauty still shines through. It is symmetrical like all of the other pieces in my gallery.
It is so obvious that the artist took his time with this artwork. The circles are beautifully symmetrical and remind me of a flower. I love the rusty brown color as well.
I had to pick the Stone Dagger because it's so well crafted. The artist took his/her time because it is difficult to carve rock so precisely. The quillions on the dagger, resemble that of a real one.
I love the Animal Face. I certainly see the face within the piece and admire the way the artist left the face neutral so that the viewer as see his own type of animal. I also feel it was symmetrical.
I love the dark colors and the dark face on this magical hook. The piece is also symmetrical because of the forms that have been so well imprinted into the metal.
I love the Anthropoid-zzomorphous pendant. There is so much movement within the piece and it actually makes me feel like dancing. I also see lots of symmetry in the piece.
Although its created with acrylic, it appears though it has been photoshopped. I feel as though the artist based this piece upon symmetry. The butterfly and the chair is symmetrical.
This Chalice cover is so symmetrical. I love how the organic shapes retain their shapes and symmetry throughout the entire piece. It also reminds me of my childhood because of my grandmother's decor.
I love this little bronze figure. Though its said that the piece has no head, I see the hole as the figure's head and the figure doing a dance move like the Robot. The piece is also symmetrical.
Damask is one of my favorite styles of art. This artwork brightens up my gallery so I had to pick it. The artist was clearly dedicated to this piece as it is perfectly symmetrical.
I love this Empty Chair by Hyo Soon Choi. The piece is symmetrical but this time it features a hat. I also feel a sense of tranquility after a long day because the hat is resting on the ground.
I love the ruby red color and the quiet gradients in this piece. I also love how the artist uses light color to contrast with the dark colors. The symmetry is also immaculate.
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