Lines and art work

The lines bring out the face in this painting. The lines give the painting and face a lot of detail. The lines are all pretty small in this painting. There are a few big lines that out line the face.
The lines give a lot of detail in this painting. The lines on the bottom are very dark and heavy which make them stand out more and the lines at the top are more soft and light which contrast well.
The lines in this painting are bold.Some of them are bold and some of them are small. The colors give the lines a contrast look. Some of the lines are curved, and there are a couple that go straight.
The lines in this painting really contrast with the background. The background is very light, white in some areas. The lines are very dark and that helps you be able to point out the lines very well.
In the painting the lines bring out the white object in the middle of the painting and it really makes that object stand out the most. The lines bring out the texture.The lines bring out detail.
The lines in the painting go from light to dark. The lines start out dark and as they get to the middle they get lighter. That brings out a lot of contrast and makes the painting really stand out.
Credits: All media
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