From Dreams to Nightmares By Kimberly doebler

The theme of this gallery is surrealism mixed with horror. In these pieces, they share a common trait with dark colors and unusual concepts that can be unsettling to some viewers. Although it may seem disturbing, they show unique art elements and principles that deserve to be recognized.

This depicts demons that live in our fantasy and show gruesome truth about what nightmares hold for us. This relates to surrealism horror due to the creatures and forms that they take.
This depicts the human body in its own way. Using different placement for body parts and organs from a normal human body is how it is related to surrealism horror.
This depicts two men watching a woman burn on a floating couch. It relates to surrealism horror because it shows someone dying in front of other people and they show no emotion.
This depicts a dove breaking free from a statue while in the background people in the boats have their heads bowed to the ground. It relates to surrealism horror because of the dark undertones.
This depicts a rooster with its head cut off and standing alone in a dark and gloomy room. It relates to surrealism horror because when something dies it falls to the ground and doesn't stand still.
This depicts a woman and man facing against white hooded figures. The woman is slightly floating and seems to be injured in some sort while transforming into a plant person.
This depicts a poor family with very little nutrition and stability. They are all awkwardly skinny and show little emotion while looking towards the viewer. It relates to surrealism due to eeriness.
This depicts the artist, Frida Kahlo, spitting out the horrors that we have inside of ourselves. It relates to surrealism horror because of the shapes and unreal objects that are in this piece.
This depicts a cave, mountain, rocks, and a human like figure. It relates to surrealism horror due to the odd shapes and the dark colors used to create this piece.
This depicts a mix of objects such as death, bones, organs, human like figures, and space. With this, it relates to surrealism horror because of the weird feel of randomness with every object shown.
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