holocaust based human truths

The Holocaust was a time when many humane ideas were left for natural instincts. However, many truths to human nature were made apparent. Some were showcased in Elie Weisel's Night, good and bad, especially on kindness and cruelty, two very different and very singular ideas.

Truth 1- Music has given hope for centuries. This image shows people most likely from the Shakespearean era of different backgrounds and ages dancing to music, and forgetting troubles with smiles.
Truth 1- Parades give everyone, young or old, rich or poor, the chance to listen to music and watch an amazing performance. In the holocaust the musicians would raise spirits like a grim parade.
Truth 2- The gray area in this is like Auschwitz and other camps, isolated from the colorful world around them that isn't aware of the pain or may even find the suffering "funny" or "normal."
Truth 2- In this image, a cruel act is being displayed, yet many on the street are completely ignoring it, and some are even enjoying it. This is what occurs often in real life as well.
Truth 3- Straight lines are paired with form and routine, similar to Holocaust routines in concentration camps that people began to absentmindedly follow so they could get through the long, hard days.
Truth 3- The workers in this painting look tired and worn out. Workers in the Holocaust were always worn out, but didn't get as much food as these people, or as much resting time.
Truth 4- There are many cruelties in history through war, oppression, hunger, and other terrible things. The Holocaust was in this list as well, as a type of oppression and mass genocide from hatred.
Truth 4- Many so-called "witches" during the Salem witch trials and similar trials in history were actually simply old women who many people were suspicious of, and they were poorly treated or killed.
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