Religion in Art

In the "Religion in Art" gallery, you will find Christianity, Buddhism, and Egyptian paintings or statues by multiple artists. Gallery Created By: Kirby Love

The Fall of the Rebel Angels painting is a war of the good angels versus the bad angels. The righteous angels are out-numbered.The angel Michael is the center of this painting taking down the dragon.
The Adam and Eve painting depicts the beginning of sin according the the Bible.They both hold an apple, but Eve's appear larger than Adam's. They are naked but did not know until the apple was eaten.
Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene Kneeling and Weeping depicts Mary love for Jesus after being crucified. This painting shows love from both Mary and "Jesus". The dark clouds over them adds sadness.
This painting depicts Christ appearing to the people as if he just came out of the water. It appears that these people were in need. An old lady being helped up with a painful look on her face.
The Saints Paul and Peter depicts standing in a church. They both are holding, I assume a Bible. One has a sword and the other has a scroll. The use of the color gold stands out in the painting.
The Last Supper depicts Christ and his disciples having communion. Some disciples have hands on their hearts as if they heard bad news. Christ is the center of this image with the arch behind him.
This is a statue of Osiris. Osiris is holding his unusual crook and frail. Osiris was the king of the Egyptian netherworld. He is represented in his mummy shape, with a crown and royal sceptres.
The Rahula painting depicts a humble and gentle monk. Rahula is sitting holding a crown for teachings he gave in the Heaven of the Thirty-three Gods. The landscape around him shows peace.
The seated Buddha Sakyamuni is cast in copper and gilded. Buddha is a Chinese religious statue used for worship. His legs are crossed and one hand facing downward. His head is in an upright position.
Buddha calling to the Earth depicts Buddha sitting in a meditation way. His head is down as he is looking down to Earth. There are small beings at the bottom of the statue as them resting under buddha
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