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Portraits Of People Working

a) The clothing shows us that he is a priest and he is very formal. b) The background shows a girl but she is not as important since it focuses on him. c) They want to tell us that he is important and very formal. He is wearing fancy clothes that make him look professional. He also looks very educated. d) This person's name is Fred. He is very loyal and diligent. He values education. He is a professor at a school. I can tell that e is very formal and important.They like literature and education.
a) The clothing tells us he is unique and special. He also looks like he wants to be remembered. b) The background is black which shows us he is very self centered and arrogant. This is important because it shows who he is. c) The artist wants us to think that he is very proud of who he is. He wants to be remembered as a different type of person. I see that he has very different clothing than other renaissance people. d) His name is Paul because he is a painter. I can tell they can be very serious and formal. They like to be very artistic and dramatic. They care about their style.
a) He is a farmer. b) The background is black which shows he is focused on himself and who he is. c) The artist wants you to think that he is very serious about being a farmer. I see that he is in his farmer outfit and a hat. d) His name is Andy. He is a passionate farmer. He is not very excited or happy. They like to farm and they care about their crops and farm.
a) He is a painter. b )he background is very dark with a ray of what seems to be sun coming in. This shows us that he likes to focus on himself and his work and uses the sun ray like a spotlight. c) The artist wants us to think that his work is amazing because there is a spotlight on it like it is famous. I got this idea from the spotlight. d) His name is Terry. He is a painter and is very proud of his work. He is one of the best painters. He is very proud of his work. he values art and likes to paint and be by himself.
a) He is a formal scholar. b) The background tells us that he values education because there i writing at the bottom and he is holding a notepad. c) The artist wants us to think he is very intelligent and loves education. I see a notepad in his hand and concentration in his face. d) His name is Simon. He is part of a wealthy family and wants to be a professor when he grows up. I can tell that he takes things seriously and loves writing.
a) He is a writer. b) It shows that he values his writing because he has most of them in the background and has a desk. They show the importance of his job. c) The artist wants us to think he takes his job seriously and loves to write. I see that he is writing in the portrait and he had his portrait take place in his office. d) His name is Sebastian. He is a high class poet and loves to write and read. He cares about his dignity and novels.
a) She is an artist. b) the background tells us she likes to draw and she loves to go to work at her office type area. c) The artist wants us to think that she is proud of her work and wants everyone to be impressed. She is showing it to everyone so everyone will know what she desired. d) Her name is Alice. She is an artist and loves to draw. She is very proud of her work and wants others to be impressed. She loves to draw and cares about how famous and well-known she is.
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