Ancient Leaders Depicted in Ancient art: by Marcus owens

Art is a beautiful form of human innovation, creating visions and influence since the prehistoric era. Therefore, it's only natural that any art style promotes events and politics from time to time. Here is a list of ancient political leaders, with varying amount of success, who have their reign and form in ancient art form.

This is a sandstone relief of King Tutankhamun. While King Tut reign is short, he has restored old traditions of Egypt and was one of the last great pharaohs.
Still on the subject of Egyptian rulers, this is a stone sculpture of Ramses the second and a Egyptian god. Ramses II's great rule and cooperation to a myth god makes a great addition to the gallery.
This golden currency was important during the Kushan Empire. The leader of this piece is arguably Kanishka the Great (on the left).
Alexander the Great is considered one of the greatest Ancient Greek leaders, both in militia and politics. The bust of this awesome leader, despite being fractured, shows the virtues of Alex .
This is a stone statue of a renowned female pharaoh. Hatsheput is the longest reigning female Egyptian and her success in the throne is noted in history.
This is the marble bust of Pompey the Great. Despite Pompey's failure and defeat, he was a Roman leader with militia strength and political status.
Justinian the Great was a renowned Byzantine emperor, even being considered the last Roman because of his conquest.
This is a stone plaque showing the nature of a ancient Kush king. While there is not much is known of this Kushite king, his ancient artwork is famous for it clarity and hieroglyphics.
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