Oscar art gallery

I based this gallery on man made objects.  

I liked the shape of the art and I enjoyed looking at it. I have a like also for scarf rings especially if they are made of pewter
I chose this picture because I have an interest in death masks and I like the shape and look of them
I like this photo because it lured me towards it. I also love sculptuers
This probably my favourite piece of art. I just love this type of art and how it has been lightly sketched
I like this plate because the colours interested me and the patterns I loved
I have a like for fish and there shape. I chose this photo also because my grandad is a prolific fisher
I love these two fish swimming next to each other. I love the fish which is blue.
I like this shark tooth as when I was younger I collected shark teeth
These tunnels and head holes really lure me in to look closer
This is definitely my favourite because I love the flow of colours
Credits: All media
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