Painted words

This gallery is a collection of graffiti painted words through out the world. Each piece will have multiple colors, and will be seen on the sides of fences, walls, buildings, etc.  

This piece of artwork has letters, symbols, and even a character. The letter has red eyes, and hands giving it a new look. The shading is what shapes the letters to make them stand out.
This piece of graffiti is street art in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The artist are two brothers who started in 1987, and are influenced by traditional hip hop, and Brazilian pixacao movement.
When looking at this piece you will see a character connected to the word. Above the bubble lettering you will see different styles of tagging, and below more painted symbols.
This graffiti lettering is located in San Martin, Buenos Aires. This piece has different shades of red, and orange giving it a bright presence against the dark wall.
This style of graffiti doesn't give every detail of the lettering. The colors against the dark wall make the letters stand out. The light shadowing gives these letters dimension, and its shape also.
This painting has two colors for wording. The letters also have arrows weaving through the word as well. The bottom has dimension, while the top has more crisp lines with little dimensions.
This piece of graffiti has block style lettering in the background, and unique lettering in the foreground. When observing this piece the shadow on the ground makes the word look as if it's floating.
This piece is exotic with the different bright, and dark colors used for the letters, and shadowing. This style is not always meant to be understood. In fact the observer is to explore the art.
When observing the letters you will notice the paint is dripping down. This gives the letters a look they're melting down the wall. With the words slightly shadowed gives it not much dimension.
When graffiti artist conduct art some may choose to share a message. If you look close in the letters it reads "CALL 911" in the "NO" in "NO CRACK ZONE".
Credits: All media
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