Bucket list

There are so many amazing places in this world and so little time to see them. I plan to see as many different parts of the world as I can within my lifetime.  

This Picture of the Eiffel Tower caught my eye not only because of the interesting angle the picture was taken but because I would love to one day visit Paris. I believe that this is more of a craft because it attracts people more than has people having an emotional connection.
I picked this picture of the beautiful Leaning Tower of Pisa because Italy is high on the bucket list of places to see. I think this Tower would be considered an art because it symbolizes so much more and is looked at as a very important part of history.
This picture was chosen because the isolation of the this Island would be an amazing place to see. Being only 2,600 ft in length and 980 ft wide you would have an experience like nothing I ever have in my life. I think the picture is art mainly because it is trying to show whats under the surface of the water and this picture severs no greater purpose other than showing a breath taking view.
This is a beautiful view of a city scape in Spain. I chose this as a place to visit on my bucket list because it would be like entering another world. I believe this picture is more showing the fine art of each building.
This picture of the ruins of a temple is located in Cambodia. I tried to find places that were much different from each other. here we have so much history and it all about preserving what is already there. although this temple is looked as a craft because of its use. it is now looked at as fine art because its full of history.
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