Sandro Botticelli's Famous art work

This exhibit is a mixture of Sandro Botticelli's art. Botticelli's work is mostly stemmed off religious views, however he has also done some portraits. This exhibition has a mixture of both of these concepts.

The birth of Venus is a painting that is suppose to portray the image of the women being blown away by a wind god. The shell represents a god centered around the ocean.
The Adoration of the Magi was painted somewhere during 1475. This shows a father and his two sons watch the money changing guild that is happening at a church.
The Madonna of the Magnificat was painted around 1483. The painting is of a women who is writing in a book and is surrounded by a child and three angels.
The Virgin and Child was painted in 1480. The painting is in fact a painting of a virgin and a child who are reading a book. The bowl of fruit in the background is actually a symbol.
This painting is one of Botticelli's religious paintings. This piece is a painting of Mary holding Jesus. It shows us that she is the queen of heaven, but also a mother.
This is an oil portrait of Smeralda Bandinelli. It was painted in the year 1480.
The Annunciation was intended to be a portable alter in the 1490s. Each panel does not have a specific meaning, but they are two different paintings.
This is a painting of Giuliano de' Medici done during the years of 1478-1480.
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