RUdolf von alt's paintings 

Rudolf von Alt was an Austrian landscape and architectural painter who was born August 28, 1812, and died March 12, 1908. Alt was the son of a printer (using a very old-fashioned method of printing), and a brother to another painter. He was educated at The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He was born in Vienna, the capital of Austria, but moved around a lot during his life before dieing, also in Vienna. He was always visiting and also working in Rome and Naples for awhile. He then visited the lake of Lombardy, and then the lakes of Galicia, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Bavaria. Alt was also always coming back to Italy and later in life, went to Crimea and Sicily to paint.Rudolf von Alt’s work was landscape and architectural paintings, and they were all extremely realistic and precise, from color to textures. They look exactly like the scenes they actually are. The paintings that first gained his fame were of his own familiar landscape, which were places in Vienna.  He moved around so much to get more views to paint. Some of his most famous are Interior view of the Palm House of the Lednice Castle, View from Buda Ferencaros, and View of Ragusa. Today, most of Alt’s work is held in numerous museums across Vienna.  I chose Rudolf von Alt’s work because I like landscapes a lot,  much more than paintings of people. I had never really seen architectural drawings before, but his were really cool. I have never seen anything more detailed, which was shown on his landscapes also. His paintings are things that you can just look at and admire, because of all the incredible details from the color of the sky to the shingles on the roofs of buildings. I really liked Rudolf von Alt’s art, and am glad I picked him for my essay.       

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