Untitled Gallery

Fuchsia Shades of Red

The fuchsia-redish color of this stone is beautiful.  I have always admired arabic writing, I think its so unique and beautiful.
This piece caught my eye because it almost looks abstract.  But when you look more into it you can see faces and almost full bodies within the abstract.
I like this photo, because it does not really show many features of these ladies aside from the backs of their legs.  The colors of their outfits and different designs on the ends of their dresses makes each one unique.
I really like the look of old pages.  The colored binding is beautiful and compliments the pages.
The outfits are hideous, however I love the colors. The pinks complimenteach other.
I love the colors of this dagger, it almost looks as if it is glowing, because of the redish orange hues around the edges.
I love abstract, and this reminded me of an abstract painting.  The shades of reds are so vibrant.
I like how clean the geometry of the painting it.  Everything is so straight cut, and the little furniture and colors of the wall remind me of an inside of those old wooden doll houses.
There is good perspective in this piece that would otherwise look so flat without the pink bin they are standing in.  The use of the same pinks throughout really draws the picture together.
The color of this piece drew my attention, it serves as a great border for the gold print inside.
This abstract with the white throughout caught my eye.  These three colors together compliment each other and the white makes it pop.
I like the color of this sofa.  The classic look is beautiful with the high foot pegs and prints.
This abstract blends the colors well.  The abstract shapes are still well defined, but at the same time the shapes kind of merge into each other, creating a softer look to sharply cut geometric shapes.
This is so old school, and I have never seen one like this in person.  I love the color, and the symmetrical balance with the front and back tire covers.
I love vases.  The color on this clear face creates a three-dimensional look to an already 3 dimensional object. 
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