Wealth/high status 

1. Their Clothes 2 The people around them 3. The confidence in their looks.
1/2/3. This picture basically shows the diference between someone with money and someone without money. How their looks can change, and the attitude, etc.
1. The environment. 2. How big it is. 3. The details, clothes, expensive things.
1. How happy they look 2. How big their house is 3. The clothes that they are wearing
1. The car 2. The clothes 3. The house, how clean everything looks.
1. How clean/sharp all the things look. 2. His clothes. 3. How big the place is.
1. The house for sure 2. How everything looks really nice and presentable. 3. And again, their clothes.
1/2/3. This is a symbol of money back at the time that this was used. Only people with a good amount of money could afford to buy this. It looks really beautiful and well build. ( good materials )
1. The painting. 2. Clothes. 3. Expression.
1. The power that they are trying to show, their expression, etc. 2. How big their clothes look. 3. The environment that they are looks like for someone that has lots of money/power.
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