Power, war and self-destruction

Ever since we humans, started populating the earth, art has been present as an attempt of communicating and expressing ideas, even if very primitive. However, from all of these ideas, it is very noticeable how conflicts have been registered in works of art, for the fact that our race has always been in constant battles. Nowadays, the depiction of power and conflicts are still widely used in art, although, many artists today are expressing their feelings and contrasting how power and its uses might not always be for the best of everyone. It is quite interesting that this gallery collects art pieces from several different cultures, backgrounds and countries and yet, many of them express some sort of disapproval towards the most common human factor, violence.

I would start off with this so stereotyped image of the modern powerful man, as he destroys the nature and uses it to his own benefit, disregarding any side effects of his actions and harm it might cause to others
Since not everyone gets to be in power, Edvard Munch demonstrated how the one who aren't, might not do as well as the one that rule, and this is clearly seen by the expressions on the characters shown in this image
To those who explored by the ones in power, affliction is just the beginning. In this art piece, Picasso represents how despair leads to sadness, that connects with Munch's previous work, anxiety.
This art piece shows in a very abstract, yet detailed way, of what could lead to people after so much anxiety, in which people lose their heads and consciousness. If thought back, this could very well be the story of many people who live under scrutiny of others in charge
Being the first image in this gallery that depicts actual conflict, the author, that comes from a very different background, is demonstrating one form of violence used by people in power.
Being of the fewest photos in this gallery, it shows with detail about conflict in which Argentina had in the year of 2002
This art piece connects with Edward Munch's Anxiety, in which a certain group hides in a jungle, seeking refugee and a chance of saving their lives
This image shows a great amount of despair, very well represented by the artist and its environment in its years of great human conflicts, it is observed how some, always live under the qualities that many of us don't even think about
This image shows precisely in how people suffer so much from these types of segregated power, in which the woman is left aside, suffering and receiving no help from the many men around her
We can observe in this painting a classic image of war, when the ship unload their soldiers in a beach, packed with bombs and other soldiers, waiting for its lives to end by conflict, bullets and explosions
The execution was one of the most known assets of mayhem, as very often, leaders and nations will rely on the destruction of one, to its own empowerment. These can be observed by the hanging and execution of great figures of the humanity who were killed to the empowerment of its rivals
This work of art shows how human conflicts were never made for any good, as people are thrown in another countries to kill people for no other reason other than an order from a "superior"
I would like to end this gallery with a reflection, on what society really gets from violence, and these kinds of violence so practiced by some people
Credits: All media
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