Women of Revolution - Ajzha Thomas 

Women are the most silenced individuals on the planet. We are the entrance to life and bare so much oppression in our lives to date.  This gallery is meant to display depiction of women whom asserting their voice  against societal and political tyranny of femininity. 

The work depicts a women whose side view of her brain is in view as she is yelling in anger. This work has themes of feminism and also speaks on the deep manipulation of women. T he artist's use of Emphasis or focus ( a Principle of Design) on the brain as well as the women facial expression draw the viewer's eye in and in to the idea that there must be a deeper subject matter of the piece.
This piece are for shot a women who has been spit on, egged and man handled with the last frame being of her smile. It is a display meant to demonstrate, as said in the title, the physical requirement of being an artist and that under any circumstance one my find joy in their expression. If reflect the theme of physical as well as mental strength women must display in order to have a voice. The Artist's was able to add unity by smiling bring together the message within the artwork.
What is depicted are photos from an exhibit in which their are photos of women in ski mask breastfeeding. To the left, there is a woman with a kitchen utensil, using it as some type of microphone with flowers on her head, as though she is wearing a crown. In a society where women are suppressed through social expectations, this picture shows how women are shamed from performing duties, and the double standards of society. Women are shamed for breastfeeding in public, but are sexually exploited via media advertisement.
This picture depicts the various directions of women's various struggles in life. Women are depicted to be below men, as in the lower left hand corner, and how the women fallen in the big dress is expected to uphold the standards of society. For decades, and centuries even, women have had to deal with many different problems, including the lack of social and liberty rights, never having the power nor need to stand up and speak for themselves. Society had oppressed women in a subtle way to make it as though females are the inferior sex.
The caption, "Harassing women does not prove your masculinity" is a quote to protect women and their rights around the world, and even through time. This street art piece speaks for many women who suffered from abuse, harassment of various forms, and even the lack of rights and self-expression. Men feel the need to oppress and harass women, and feel empowered when women respond either defensively or negatively. This piece shows that harassment can affect both sides, but society views nothing wrong when a man harasses a woman, showing the double standard many women lived with through the times.
This poster advertisement gave women the feeling of power. Back in World War two, this poster encouraged women to work, join the army, and to serve their country in many ways. Many men felt that women were far too fragile to handle anything, but this poster and many women following it proved otherwise. Women surged up, feeling the empowerment they lacked for so long, and continue to support the society just as much as men, showing that they are just as capable no matter what sexual organs they may carry.
This photo shows a woman actively fighting for women's rights. Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst wanted to present a petition to the king, but was instead arrested outside the palace. This showed that many people did not take women seriously back then, especially when they wanted to step up and fight for themselves. Some even felt threatened by the fact that women were finding a voice for themselves, so they subdued upsurge as soon as possible in hopes of discouraging others to step up. However, women still continue to fight and are not discouraged by any suppression dropped upon them.
This picture depicts these women observing stars. They are curious, and hence reach to sate their curiosity. They desire to learn, and though many women were not given the same education as men, they continue to build the world with their ideas. Even the landing on the moon was all thanks to a woman who wrote all the codes by hand, making the trip to the moon possible.
This statue is very powerful. Many women of the time did not don armor, nor did they ever see a battlefield (unless it was their village, and they were suffering the effects). However, women who wore armor and went to battle were often not taken seriously. Even Jeanne d'Arc was not taken seriously at first, but when men find that women are capable of leading and battles, they were both mystified, and scared, which lead to societal oppression that would follow.
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