India culture

Katie Dobrinski 3rd Period

I feel that India is very lively. The dancing especially is wonderful.
The Taj Mahal is a huge icon of India. You know Taj Mahal you know India.
I don't know much about this particular structure but it seems very welcoming.
I chose this necklace because Indian jewelry is very fascinating. It has its own unique style and is very beautiful. You can all see that they have similarities but they are all also individual.
In this picture you see just normal people sitting together talking. A lot of the time people have 'stereotypes' of cultures but this shows that we all just wear casual clothes and gather as friends.
Once again a dance. They are just very interesting. Colorful and beautiful outfits and very unique dances. It looks like a fun time.
This sculpture just looks so cool. Like it's the torso of Buddha. It's just very cool looking. I picked it because it caught my eye.
The art is so wonderful. I can't really explain what is happening in this painting but it's very beautiful.
Again this is something that a lot of people don't first think India looks like. The building is so strange yet very cool.
I find it nice that they painted a mural. Gandhi was a HUGE deal and did great things for India and I feel a mural was very appropriate.
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