the wonderful effect of color

Color is an element of art that is always present in an art work. It adds beauty, meaning and sets a mood to a particular art piece and also helps with differentiation. Join me as I look ten works of art that apply amazing and incredible use of color.

The color used for this art piece adds beauty and a mood that is peaceful. The colors used for the painting are simple cool colors and they add to the idea of the mermaid being calm.
Color helps to brighten up a room and that is what this piece has done. The dragon is beautiful and has many colors that are bright which helps to show that it is fierce.
The colors used in this piece help for differentiation. The painting is crowded, so the colors help you identify wants going on, as well as allow a viewer to keep looking round the piece.
Like the previous painting, the colors used here also help with differentiation. The colors are bright and beautiful and allows the viewer to notice every aspect of the painting well.
The colors used here look raw and it adds a kind of special beauty to the painting. It shows contrast.
The colors used here are bright and beautiful. In a way it shows some kind of pattern. The colors make the painting very attractive. There is a way that you look at it that it seems like a hole.
The colors used here add beauty to the painting. and shows the different aspects of the piece. The way the painter used the color green for the people makes it different and original.
I love this piece so much. The colors are beautiful and bright and they add this sparkling effect to the painting. The colors are well done because you can see every form on the painting.
The colors here are beautiful. It helps a viewer to keep moving around the painting. The color used for lighting is so well done that it adds a calm feeling to the study.
This is beautiful painting because the painter used many colors that complement and contrast to each other. It makes you want to find out all the different forms in the painting.
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