Surrealism and Spatial Perspective by Nicholas Beasley

This gallery features various paintings representing the unconscious mind. There is a true feeling of depth in every one of the paintings in this collection. The creators of these works all have an incredible eye for spatial perspective. This adds a sense of realism to an otherwise surreal subject.

This first piece is an interesting surrealist landscape. The landscape appears to be a marshland that seems to extend back forever. The foreground features vases with twisted vines coming out of them. The vines grow upwards and blossom into crumpled pictures of various animals. There is also a zebra head in the foreground that has a bowl and a high heel balancing on it. There is also a whole zebra way in the background. Relative to the landscape, it is a gigantic zebra.
The space in this piece is much smaller than in the previous painting. The subjects are in a dark hallway that seems to extend back forever. There are four figures to the left walking through a doorway into the hall. The four figures are all the same man, but each man is a different size. All four men are pointing at a large rooster to the right. The four men are painted to appear three-dimensional, while the rooster appears to be two-dimensional (like a cardboard cutout).
This painting features a very large landscape; a beach is in the foreground while the ocean is off in the distance. The main subject is a large, hollow, disembodied head. Portions of the head's skin are missing. The other subject is slightly further back in the painting. It a woman's torso and head, as well as portions of her arms and legs. She too, is hollow and is missing portions of her skin. Both subjects are on the beach.
This painting doesn't have a real sense of depth, at least not like the previous paintings in the collection. There is no discernible horizon line in the landscape. Everything in the piece appears to be very two-dimensional. To the left is what appears to be white vase with green handle. The main subject is a predominantly black sun with touches of gold in the middle.
This is another piece that is set on a beach. There are little pebbles scattered on the beach in the foreground. The main subject is a rock with a frowning mask on it. It is situated under the frame of a house. The frame is disconnected in several places. There are other rocks of a similar size floating in the sky. One of these floating rocks has a grinning mask on it.
The landscape in this painting is a large valley at sunset. The sky has shades of pink, yellow, and orange. All of the subjects in this piece are in the foreground, side by side. All of them are turned away from the viewer, looking out at the sky. From left to right there is: a horse, a zebra, a giant red and gold high heel with an oriental design, a giant white and black high heel with polka dots and a tropical bird perched on top, a young woman with a white button-up shirt, and another horse.
This piece features a dreary landscape. It is a tiled courtyard with a large building in the background. The sky is filled with storm clouds. The subject is a figure with the body of a human male and the head of a rooster. He is standing in a Napoleon-kind-of pose, Wearing Napoleon-style clothing.
This piece is very abstract. The background is a very colorful space. There doesn't appear to be a point of reference as to how large or deep the landscape is. There is a bridge running across the painting. Most of the subjects are on the bridge, though several appear to be falling off the bridge. These subjects are very strange. There are very blocky depictions of humans and horses. There are also just human body parts and horse body parts scattered across the bridge.
This painting is extremely realistic. The space is a small bedroom with brown walls and a single window. The floor appears to be hardwood. There is a wooden bedside table with a phone and other items in the foreground. Just behind the table is a bed with blue and grey bedding. Under the grey blanket is a sleeping male lion.
This painting is my favorite in the collection. The landscape is extremely unique. What at first glance look like grassy hills, are actually various bird eggs. Some are intact, some are cracked, and one is riddled with holes with worms coming out of them. There is a sky in the background with clouds and a dim sun. The main subject is a rooster with features similar to a puppet. There are no strings visible though.
Credits: All media
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