TYrese Allison- Color gallery

3rd period art class

In this painting, the artist used blue, red, and yellow as the main colors to paint this image. Therefore, the artist made this painting a primary triadic.
In this image the artist used the colors orange, green, and more. This makes it a secondary triadic image, when it comes to colors.
In this picture I see colors like blue green etc.When artist mixes colors like that its called tertiary triadic colors.
If you look very closely to this picture, it shows variety of colors making it a tetradic image.
In this image the artist uses variety shades of green. This makes the image an analogous image by the color choice from the artist. It also makes it a monchromaric image too.
In this image the artist added primary and secondary colors in this picture. This image is mix with light colors, which means that the artist used additive colors. Also that the artist use complementary colors.
When looking at this picture there are primary colors like blue and yellow gold, but there is purple in this image too. This makes it a split- complementary image when it comes to color.
The colors I see in this image are: red, yellow, yellow orange, and more. This image represent warm colors. This is by the light colors making the image look happy.
This image shows dark colors such as, indigo and light blue. These color represent the cool colors. This give it a cold feel to it when looking at it.
When looking at this picture the only color you see is blue, and different shades of it. This makes it a monchromaric image when it comes to colors.
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