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I chose these three images because, I feel that they represent my believes and my past. The first image Pan ((c.1592)) by Annibale Carracci reminds me my childhood. I used to read stories of the Greek mythology; the Minotaur, centaurs, satires, Pegasus and all those mythological creatures and gods played an important role in my childhood. Every single time I see something related with the Greek Mythology I try to analyze and determine the name of the creature or the god.

 The Last Supper (Around 1463-1470/1475) by Jame Huguet also reminds me my childhood. I grew up in a catholic family and pictures of the last supper and Jesus Crist were hang all over my grandmother’s house. It also reminds me of every time I go to the church. I can sense the smell as soon as I see this type of pictures and I like it, it makes me feel safe and calm.

Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime *about 1805 – 1806) by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon This picture got my attention, because it has two angels, one represents justice and the other represents vengeance. I like this picture because it contains a clear message, you will receive a punishment for your crimes either by the justice (law) or Divine Vengeance I assume that the divine vengeance can be also called karma. I personally like this images because it shows that no matter where you hide and how fast you run, you will have to pay for your crimes sooner or later.   

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