Water and Waves

The movement from serenity into unrest using imagery of still waters that gradually escalate into waves and waterfalls.

House and trees, reflected in water, Troller, Norbert, 1940s, From the collection of: Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History
The water in this image is clear and undisturbed and exudes peace.
Women Taking Water, Han Rak-yeon, 1898/1945, From the collection of: Korea Data Agency
The water in this image contains some movement, the sense of calm remains.
Oaks at a lake with Water Lilies, Jacob Isaackszoon van Ruisdael, around 1652, From the collection of: Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
I chose this image because it reflects calm and warmth perfectly. It is also a good introduction to the Water Lilies in the next image.
Water Lilies, Claude Monet, 1916, From the collection of: The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
This image, by Monet, is busy in the sense that the water is filled with plant-life. Water Lilies is an image that draws you in and is filled with a peaceful beauty.
Blue Hole, Flood Waters, Little Miami River, Robert S. Duncanson (American, b.1821, d.1872), 1851, From the collection of: Cincinnati Art Museum
This piece exudes utter peace and serenity. The last true source of complete still. A sort of "calm before the storm."
The Summer Bower, Derwent Water, Thomas Creswick, 1811–1869, British, ca. 1838, From the collection of: Yale Center for British Art
The water in this image is distant and unclear, but the overall blurred effect of the painting gives me the impression of a windy, tumultuous day.
Puerto de Soller, Ibiza, Steiner-Prag, Hugo, 1925, From the collection of: Leo Baeck Institute, Center for Jewish History
The water is slightly disturbed by the wind and movement is apparent.
Water Seller at the Yellow River in Lanzhou, Han Rak-yeon, 1898/1947, From the collection of: Korea Data Agency
The water is agitated, though still slow moving and the forms in the image are strained. However, there is still a sense of calm in the characters' determination.
Although there is not excessive movement in the water, it's clear that the water is pushing up against the shore and houses with the pressure and intensity of high tide creating a sort of tension.
Pond Water Crowfoot, Eero Järnefelt, 1895, From the collection of: Ateneum Art Museum
The water is clearly being ruffled by the wind, which aids in the continued buildup of agitation.
A Aguadeira de Mira, José Contente, 1955, From the collection of: Dionísio Pinheiro And Alice Cardoso Pinheiro Foundation
Beach imagery lends itself to the idea of a wild, windswept beauty. The watery waves help the build up of the gallery.
The Path of Water, Kang, Kyung Koo, 2004, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
Whether or not the artist intended it to be this way, to me this image shows a figure battling the strength of the waves, in a quiet sort of chaos.
Many Waters, Arthur B. Davies, circa 1905, From the collection of: The Phillips Collection
In regard to this gallery, the waterfalls, while in a peace-filled setting, carry intensity, strength, and a reckless, contained chaos.
Waterfall, Takeuchi Seiho, 1925, From the collection of: Adachi Museum of Art
The close perspective of this waterfall shows the intensity I mentioned about the last waterfall, but it focuses on the intensity alone.
Harsh waves, Seo Jae Chul, 1976/1976, From the collection of: Jeju Provincial Self-governing Haenyeo Museum
To me, this image is the peak of the intensity. It is the height of the chaos and is the perfect note to end the gallery.
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