Movement of color:     Albert Campbell

For this art gallery, I decided to gather pictures to me that had to do with color. To me, art that stands out and catches my eye are the ones that uses color in many abstract ways. To me, these pieces of paintings and artwork are very beautiful.

When I first saw this painting, what I noticed most from the painting were the vivid colors. I was really liked how the different colors made up the different body parts and had different expressions.
This painting was a very interesting use of color. I saw what all the colors were as some rocket of some sorts inside the castle which to me, looks like a sand castle.
This mural art work was very bright and colorful to me. The mural to me was just a abstract art of some sort of "protector of the keys" type of drawing.
This mural reminded me much about the childhood TV shows that I watched with the colors that were represented in it. It really stood out to me and popped out for me.
The colors from the iconic characters in the painting stood out with seeing The Simpsons and Mickey Mouse. I was very intrigued by how many characters the artist was able to put into this one painting
The art style was very simple yet the colors popped out and I noticed the art right away. The simplicity of the art to me was very pleasing.
The colors are very dark and eerie which go along with how very sad and dark this painting is to represent. Again, the colors were what popped out the most to me.
The colors from the Archie models were very poppy and fun in this art work. I was drawn right to the bright colors of the overalls in the middle and the blue of even Archie's shirt.
Schoolhouse Rock had a way of using color in their artwork. It's very flashy, poppy, and fun and really stood out to me as I was looking for artwork that was reflected much in color.
Yet all being of the same skin color, each color had a very different take in color with their wardrobe and style. It was really a good choice in artwork. Again, it was flashy and poppy and fun in use
Credits: All media
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