Michelle Murphy's Final Gallery

This is my final gallery for school. I think i want to show happiness in this because i always find lot of painting are boring and sad that gives a bad image of the world however the world is a happy place so i have put a little something together to show this.

I like this painting because i like the pink and the way everything in this painting is a different shade of pink.I also like the way it looks 3D.I would ask Kim Joon What made you think of this concept because it is very strange and unique? I think the artist was trying to make a painting that stuck in your mind and made you think about it.
I love this painting because i think this show lots of peoples life because everyone has lots of ideas and things to do but sometimes they don't work out (the popped balloons.)Where did you get all the balloons is what i would ask the artist? I think this is showing peoples life and the artist is trying to show people what life is really like.
I love this painting i like the way the landscape is playful and colorful however i scean this is a bit of a sad painting too because it looks like there used to be a civilisation but however there is no life there (except for trees). I would ask the artist where is this place?I think the artist is trying to show a used to be perfect place but when it is gone it is more pretty with nature.
I love this painting because I love Frida's way of showing her self not in a made up making her impossibly pretty way but in a realistic way.What made you paint a painting that does not make you more pretty then you really are?I think the artist is trying to show that you don't need to fake you're looks to be pretty.
I like this painting because it is not only a magical painting but also a poem ( I love poems). I like the soft colour in this painting giving it a peaceful feel.I would ask the artist (William Blake) what does the poem have to do with this poem?I think William Blake is trying to show how words can make pictures.
I love the colour in this painting because it is very happy and exiting. I also like the way the clouds in this painting look (kinda like candy floss).I would ask the painter what does this painting mean to you and what memories do this give you?I think the artist is trying to show that there is always pretty thing to see in the world.
I like this painting because of the way the people look in this painting.The people look so happy and vibrant they also look in love.I would ask the artist why did you make the people look like this? I think William Hogarth is trying to show David Garrick and Eva Maria in the best light and to make them look like they are madly in love with each other.
I picked this painting because i love stonehenge,I grew up as this being a very special place to me.I also like this painting because it shows me how little stonehenge has changes from 1862. I would ask why did you paint this place and is it important to you in any way? I think the artist is trying to show stonehenge as a perfect place.
I like this painting because it makes me smile because i find it very funny because the men are colouring the bird pink.I would ask Leonora Carrington why are they painting the bird like that and what goal do the wish to get by doing that? I think the artist is trying to make people have a little giggle at it and for people to wonder what is happening.
I like this painting because it's is very fun and happy and I like the vibrant colours in this painting.I also love the fair and this reminds me of one.I would ask the painter (Marsden Hartley) what does this painting make you feel like? I think the artist is trying o spark some happy memories.
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