Call of the Wild

by Jack London 

"Old longings nomadic leap, Chafing at custom's chain; Again from its brumal sleep Wakens the ferine strain." This poem entitled "Atavism" which means a tendency to revert to ancestral type. This quote represent Buck going from domesticated dog tendency to those of his ancestors the wolf.
The theme of this book is change and survival of the fittest.I chose the picture of a lion because it completely represents Darwin's ideal.
Jack London's tone is reflective. I chose to use a mirror to symbolize hoe he takes time to show how Buck changes throughout the book.
The historical setting starts in California then moves to Alaska, and is then mostly set in Klondike Canada around the 1890's.
The text-text connection I chose was to the Hunger Games. In The Hunger Games tributes are encouraged to connect with their inner warrior much as Buck has to do to survive in the book.
I chose this piece to represent the main character Buck because I think it represents how there is a lot going on inside him while he is transitioning from the mind set of a domestic house dog to a wild animal.
I chose this picture because of the name "Communicating With Ancestors."
Credits: All media
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