The painting shows a mother and her newborn child, with love and gentleness within it. Surrounding the mother and baby are four angles that are looking upon the two.The border of the painting is gold.
This picture shows a map of the world with the flags of the countries, showing diversity. It is colorful with all the various flags and it has a border that has letters with different colors as well.
The gold leaf painting expresses strong passion. The two people are infatuated with each other and are embracing in a kiss. The patterns and colors that are instilled within the painting are elegant.
The mural shows blue, gray, and lighter tones to express an emotional tone.There is a girl present and she is in water looking at a little sailboat.The painting fills the entire side of the building.
The painting has a very happy feel to it. The artist captures the expressions and tones of the day in a positive way that even shadows from the sun and shade are present.It is clearly an oil painting.
The brush strokes this painting has shows each tone and feeling of the night in which it gives a saddened feel. The blue tones make the picture feel hopeful for the next day in a certain sense.
This picture has very neutral colors, not too vibrant or too dull.The picture shows only the face of the little girl, every other person has their face turned.It shows a relaxed feel upon the day.
The picture looks like a collage that is a jigsaw. The pieces don't all match up and you can see defined body parts such as faces of people. The blue tones give it a look of waves from the ocean.
The Thinker is a simple marble statue.It shows a man who is in deep thought and whether it be from something that inspires him, or saddens him, or impresses him, looking at it makes yourself think.
Victory has a trophy-like feel when looking at it. It is golden on a little pedestal, which resembles a trophy one might receive after a victory or win. It has a championed feel to it, as well.
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